CIR/ICD body psychotherapy festival
July 4th-9th 2020
Sutivan (island of Brač), Croatia



“It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his own beauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another loving, caring human being.“
J. J. Powell


In the final circle of the last year’s festival, we realised that the theme of the third festival was born right before our eyes: togetherness. As participants embraced each other and shared about connectedness, purpose, opening, new experiences… we felt once again that it’s true that virtually all the emotional wounds were created by inadequate contacts with others and that the healing lies not in solitude and separation, but in the experience of a safe contact.

In accordance with the theme, every workshop this year will be led by a couple of teachers teaching together. Eight workshops, sixteen teachers, one common thread.

Thousands of people have passed through our school, workshops and lectures and throughout years a large community was created, a community of conscious people who want to improve both their lives and the world we all live in. At least once a year we want to offer a space where we all learn, hang out, recharge our batteries, renew the contact, enjoy and get inspired by each other.

This is an opportunity to combine holidays with self-growth, to meet the people who’ve created CIR and ICD programs, to experience similarities and differences of our approaches, to spend some quality time with people who have similar goals and similar view of life… and all that happening on one of the most beautiful Croatian islands, just a few steps away from the sea.

Festival program allows you to tailor-make an ideal summer week for yourself – even though all the workshops have the same theme, they’re not linked together so you can either attend all the workshops or choose only those that interest you the most.


This festival is for:

  • people interested in self-development through integrative body-oriented psychotherapy, dance therapy, art therapy or systemic constellations
  • our school graduates who want to see what’s new in the school, have a chat with their former teachers, meet new friends and give a hug to old ones
  • our students who want to connect more deeply with the community they belong to
  • our students’ family members, partners or friends who want to experience the work they’ve only heard about and at the same time spend holidays together
  • those of you who are considering joining our school but you want to experience our work first


Workshop leaders:

CIR founders: Laszlo Pinter i Tomislav Senečić
CIR Zagreb: Svjetlana Bukovec, Enesa Mahić, Kruno Šunjić, Maja Petković, Nina Senečić, Mihaela Richter
CIR Split: Asja Kuzmanić i Olivera Drutter
CIR Rijeka: Helena Hajdin i Jane Kramar
ICD Budapest: Marci Szemerey, Eva Institoris, Adrienn Molnar i Györgyi Szalay



Maja i Kruno: Finding my place in the world through my first contact
Enesa i Laszlo: 2in1
Nina i Tomislav: Interconnectedness
Adrienn i Marci: Intention to connect
Helena i Jane: Connection and its purpose
Györgyi i Svjetlana: Babel
Olivera i Mihaela: My footprint in the tribe
Asja i Eva: Freedom and connectedness within togetherness


All workshops are led both in English and Croatian.

We will publish detailed workshops’ description and teachers’ info once a week, so stay tuned.


More about us:


Time: Saturday July 4th – Thursday July  9th 2020.

Every day we will offer you two workshops – one 10:00h-13:00h, the other 15:00h-18:00h. There will be two free afternoons during the week, when there will be morning workshops only. The festival ends on July 9th at 13h.


Venue: Sokolana hall – Sutivan, Brač island, Croatia


Cost (workshops only):

1500kn/200€ for applications before February 29th

2000kn/265€ for applications March 1st-May 31st

2500kn/330€ applications after June 1st


A non-returnable deposit of 500kn/65€ is required, the remaining amount can be paid on the first day of the festival. The price includes all the workshops and it’s not reduced if you decide not to attend some parts of the program.

This year we offer a 20% discount for parents and their adult children (18+), partners/couples and brothers/sisters coming to the festival together.


Accommodation and food:

If you don’t want to come to the island by car, we recommend you find accommodation in Sutivan where you can reach everything on foot. The nearest beach is only a few steps away from the venue.

In previous years there was an option to order a meal in a local restaurant for our lunch break – if that option opens up again, we will inform you.


Info and applications: (Petra & Enesa)