In the individual supervision programme, the therapist and his/her supervisor deal with the specific issues related to practical work with clients. The programme is customised to the specific needs of individual therapists, and together with the supervision intensive, represents an unavoidable condition of continuous development within one’s own therapy practice.

The goal of individual supervisions is to initiate further professional maturity, research, implementation of the existing and new methods of work, as well as assuming the responsibility for work within the therapist profession.

Moreover, regular individual supervision is necessary in order to require a reference issued by the Centre for Integrative Development to a therapist with a renewed licence for therapy and supervisory work.

Part of the supervision work required for licence renewal is carried out as arranged with the programme facilitators Laslo Pinter and Tomislav Senečić.


Supervision team for regular supervision:

Laslo Pinter
Tomislav Senečić
Enesa Mahić
Svjetlana Bukovac
Matea Blažević
Lidija Kasalo