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In the very core of our existence there is a natural tendency towards growth and development, whether external or internal, conscious or subconscious. We long for happiness and fulfilment of our life dream, and this goal may truly be achieved only through personal development.

Selecting the way in which we fulfil our desires depends on our maturity. If we are not mature in a certain aspect of our personality, the way in which we try to achieve our goal will be insincere or incomplete. Therefore, it will cause dissatisfaction, non-fulfilment or pain.



Working with a psychotherapist is one of the forms of receiving help in achieving personal maturity. Essentially, it represents an answer to the need for personal development – the need that we have on both, emotional and spiritual level.

In spite of the overall focus on learning, growth and development in life, the standard and classical social structures of education usually fail to encourage our emotional and spiritual development. Moreover, in our childhood we experience certain emotional difficulties, which we cannot handle in an adequate way at that stage of life. These difficulties represent the unfinished childhood business that we carry with ourselves through life.



In spite of the different reasons for which we decide to start seeing a therapist, we all have in common this positive intention and interest for getting to know ourselves better and creating our lives in a way that will be fulfilling for us.

Looking at ourselves from this perspective, enables us to get to know ourselves, to revive the parts of ourselves that had no chance to be lived out before, and to manifest these parts in our everyday life. It is this aspect – living our own self from the core of our being, and following the needs of our hearts and our truths – that could make us feel truly fulfilled.


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